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CPU Coolers 486
Socket, CPU, Heat Sinks, Clips, Fans

CPU Coolers Socket 5
Socket, CPU, Clips

CPU Coolers Socket 7
Socket, CPU, Heat Sinks, Clips, Fans



I collected many CPU coolers during past 8 years (my job is somewhat “CPU cooler related” - I am the owner of COOLIBRI Low Noise CPU Coolers and Silent Fans, some of the models shown have been or are still being manufactured there).

Some time ago I made the decision to publish that extensive collection on the web to document the variety of solutions and the ongoing technological change.

“Old” is relative, of course. While things collected in other areas are “old” after 10, 20 or more years, the fast advance in the IT branch causes CPU cooler models to become obsolete within just 2 or 3 years mostly. Obviously, there are differences: Socket 7 “lived” for a long time and socket A is still alive. Regarding socket 423 or slot A, however, life cycles were extremely short.

The following categories have been created so far:

CPU Coolers for 486
Some pictures: Socket, CPU, different types of fastening, different heat sinks, fans and CPU coolers
CPU Coolers for Socket 5 (Pentium)
Just a few pictures so far: Socket, CPU, heat sink
CPU Coolers for Socket 7 (Pentium, K6)
The most extensive category. Many pictures: Socket, CPU, clips, heat sinks, CPU coolers and some fans.

Comments on terms used:
Today, the term CPU coolers means active CPU coolers. When passive CPU cooling played a role (those times are gone, even when there are exceptions) the difference was marked using explicit terms (active CPU coolers, passive CPU coolers). Sometimes, passive CPU coolers are called CPU heat sinks.

Nowadays, the term CPU coolers usually means combinations of a heat sink, a fastening solution (clip) and one or more fans that are attached to the heat sink. It is a common solution to attach thermal material (pads or grease) to the heat sink when assembling CPU coolers.

Comments on common synonyms:
Instead of CPU coolers, other terms are used frequently. Some of them are less meaningful. Variants including the word fans are ambiguous because it is unclear whether they mean the fan only (component) or the full cooler. Variants including the term heat sink should not be used unless passive CPU coolers without fans are meant.

List of synonyms:
CPU fans
, CPU heat sinks, processor coolers, processor fans, processor heat sinks

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